Hello There!

I'm Lenie Biasura.

I'm a Video Editor and a Graphic Designer.

I am creating visually stunning videos that leave a lasting impression, and thumbnails that serve as the visual "gateway" to attract viewers and entice them to click on your video.

About Lenie

After graduating from GFTSI with the degree in CNA in 2015.

Lenie, relentlessly pursued a career in Nursing data entry services encompass various tasks, By outsourcing nursing data entry services, healthcare organizations can streamline data management processes, reduce administrative burden on nursing staff, enhance data accuracy, and have more efficient access to patient information. This, in turn, contributes to improved patient care, continuity of healthcare services, and data-driven decision-making for better outcomes.

While adding various stream of income such as slow fashion designing.

As a freelancer, she helps businesses thrive and succeed. In this fast-paced and ever-evolving world, businesses often face challenges that they may not have the resources or expertise to overcome on their own. That's where the freelancing industry plays a vital role.

In her free time, hiking has become her sanctuary, her escape into a world where time slows down and worries seem to fade away.

Recent Projects


Discover some of my best video editing projects that showcase creativity and storytelling. From music videos to commercials, each project is a unique visual experience.